Our Esteem Clients

Water & Air Purificaion

Kemflw already enjoying and deliver satisfactory sales & service support to aprox. one million plus customers across India. We deals in wide range of domestic RO plants which helps in to maintaining PH range from 6.5 to 8.5 and reduces alkali,hardness and acidic properties of water by keeping necessary minerals in water.

Air Purification
Our beautiful atmosphere is a combination of gases that surround the earth planet, pure air is one of amongst many important components of the atmosphere where we live & breathe. Many atmosphere components like air is invisible and odourless.

Air the mixture of about 78% nitrogen gas, 21% oxygen gas, approximate 1% of argon gas, very negligible amount of carbon dioxide, and some other gases plus floating amount of water vapour molecules. Human beings are very import user of air beside animals and others. In calculation about 10 to 20 cubic meters air is breath by normal adults this will almost double in the case of children who breathe fast comparably with adult and old age.