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Swimming Pool Design

There are many factors which one should consider before constructing a swimming pool. Although developing the site of pool is a comprehensive task but there is not need to feel intimidated by it, we are available to assist you in the process. The major and most important pool site considerations are legal restrictions and obstructions, sun shade and wind exposure, access to the pool & pool area and view of and from the pool.

Process of Construction in Brief
Layout of complete pool area.
Excavation by Machine or man power up to the required depth.
Compaction of excavated area and leveling according to the depth considering construction margin.
Enclosing the area of raft and lean concrete area of the pool with brick work to facilitate in layout of swimming pool floor as well as swimming pool wall.
Laying of lean concrete upon the excavated and properly rammed soil.
Laying of M.S. tore steel reinforcement as per the structural design for floor as well as wall.
Laying of raft concrete upon the lean concrete and bottom face of steel reinforcement.
Providing of 115mm thick brick wall for shuttering purpose up to the required height.

Shot-crating (most reliable method of water proofing) of 50 mm thick layer upon the raft concrete and top layer of steel rein-forcemeat, casting of wall directly with shot-crated method of 75-200mm thickness as per the structural design requirement.

In case of open flow system, we provide cantilever slab of 600 mm wide attached to the wall one feet below from the deck level for making of overflow channel and one tank called balancing tank constructed towards the deep side of the swimming pool.

Leveling of entire uneven shot-crated surface. Cladding with tiles of entire area of swimming pool floor, walls and overflow channel. Copping of overflow area (between pool wall and overflow channel) with Kota stone half rounded molded towards pool side edge.

Type of Overflow of Swimming Pool

Open Overflow Type Swimming Pool
In this type of swimming pool, filtered water enter from the bottom either floor or wall and after complete filling it over flow into a channel called overflow channel which is constructed along with the pool periphery at deck level and from the channel the water goes to the balancing tank and from balancing tank it goes to filter through recirculation pump set and from filter it comes again into the pool room the bottom.

Skimmer Overflow Type Swimming Pool
This type of system called economical because this system does not required any overflow channel and balancing tank. In that way lot of saving can be achieved. In this system filtered water inlets fitted at one side pool's wall at approx middle height and skimmer is fitted at top upon the opposite wall of inlet side. Water recycled back through skimmer and main drain, which are connected directly to the pump and from pump it goes to the filter and after filtration it comes to the pool through return inlets. In this system there is always a free-board of 100-150 mm and layer of dust particles, small grass deposited with the wall with water line.