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Welcome to the world of Kemflw LED lights , we are manufacturers & suppliers of LED in India & abroad . There are two important factors need to be consider while purchasing any LED lightning products , such as light quality and price.

We offered LED lights in very competitive price to meet customers� requirements. We deal in LED Lamps, LED Flashlights, LED Bulbs, and many other high quality LED products.

Salient Features:
  • LED lighting technology has become less costly so have the novelty uses for this revolutionary technology become more widespread.
  • LED lights are small in size and designed in a multitude of colours has resulted in a growing number of diverse ways to use them.
  • LED light bulbs are known for their high endurance levels & has very long life.
  • LED lights are environmentally- friendly.
  • LED lights last up to one hundred times longer than incandescent lamps
  • LED lights are energy efficient
  • With the longer life spans, huge energy saving costs and lower maintenance costs
  • The future for LED lights can only get brighter & brighter